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B + Co. was built from the desire to see science and art blend beautifully to transform hair to its full potential. The private studio offers a space where each client can feel valued, and communicate freely and openly about their visions for their hair.

Only top of the line brands are used such as Milkshake and Olaplex to deliver lasting results while maintaining healthy hair. Staying on top of the current fashion trends as well as the latest techniques are a priority.

Each client gets an individual approach to their hair type, condition, and style in order to create the look desired. Come see what makes B + Co different!


Great Service Is The Top Priority.

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Clients of B + Co leave excited about their new look.

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High End meets Humble

B + Co offers nothing but the best, but with a warm and inviting environment where all are welcome.

Technical Expertise

B + Co. offers the most current techniques of the industry to keep your hair modern and fresh.

Superior Standards

Excellence doesn't happen by accident. B + Co is intentional with each client to deliver the highest quality of service to exceed your expectations.

B + Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a balayage?

    Balayage is the french word for "to sweep" and when applied to hair painting, is a technique that gives a more natural look than a foiled highlight. It can be customized to fit the desired look from very subtle and natural, to drastic high contrast color. Is is typically darker at the root and light on the ends and lower maintenance that traditional highlights.

  • Why do I need a consultation?

    For first time clients requesting an appointment for a color correction or extensions, a consultation is required. This is to help better serve you by making sure the appointment time scheduled is long enough, all the resources required are present, and a fair price quote can be given.

  • Why is it important to use professional hair care products?

    Professional products contain better and higher concentrations of ingredients and gentler surfactants. They will produce better results than their drug store counterparts. As your stylist, recommendations for your specific hair needs can be made to increase positive changes in both the health and styling of your hair at home.

  • Will you get my hair as light as I want it the first time?

    This is probably the most asked question, and unfortunately the least understood due to celebs showing off "before and afters" without the "in between" stages. Everyone's hair is different. So sometimes one visit is enough, but sometimes it takes multiple visits to create the final look desired. The health of your hair is always the number one priority, and it is vital to be as honest and thorough about your hair history as possible. We will work together to get the best results in the least amount of time possible.